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Brian O'Reilly Workshop d. 22. oktober

Mandag d. 22. oktober kl 12 - 16 afholdte TEKNE en workshop med den amerikanske videokunstner Brian O'Reilly.

Workshoppen bar titlen "Sound and moving images" og her fortalte Brian O'Reilly om nogle af de projekter og permances som han har medvirket i gennem sin imponerende karriere. Udover et indblik i O’Reillys karriere, fik deltagerne en praktisk indsigt i de teknikker og programmer, der bruges til at skabe det audiovisuelle univers som O’Reilly arbejder indenfor.

Pris: Medlemmer af TEKNE: 200 kr. - Ikke-medlemmer:  700 kr.
Tid: Mandag d. 22. oktober kl. 12 - 16
Sted: Alexandra Instituttet, Åbogade 34, 8200 Århus N
Tilmelding: info@teknenet.dk inden onsdag d. 17. oktober kl 12.00.


Brian O'Reilly is the creator of various works for sound, moving images, multi media assemblage/installation, and is a double bassist, focusing on the integration of electronics and extended playing techniques.

He attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on a merit scholarship for sculpture where he completed a BFA in 1997. In 1998, he moved to Paris, France to study the composition techniques of the Greek composer and architect Iannis Xenakis,during this time he worked extensively with Xenakis' electronic music system utilizing graphic sonic synthesis the UPIC.

After a year of research at Xenakis' studio, what was then called Les Ateliers UPIC (now CCMIX), he received an appointment to become the studio's Musical Assistant, during that time he assisted, amongst others, Luc Ferrari on his audio and video installation "Cycle Des Souvenirs", and Eliane Radigue on her electroacoustic work "L'Ile Re-sonante".

He completed his graduate degree from MAT (Media Arts and Technology) at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Current projects include the DVD & performance of "Point Line Cloud", a collection of his visual mappings for the music of Curits Roads, a commission from ZKM, to create a series of video works and live performances collaborating with the Viola player Garth Knox, and the video installation "scan processor studies" with Woody Vasulka. Also currently within preparation is a audio collaboration with Zbigniew Karkowski "the difficulty of Being", and the DVD "arboreal index" utilizing the untapped potentials of the DVD specification, the project’s objectives are to trace the tangled threads of a fractured narrative, and to interconnect the thin strands that bind sound to moving images. The final output will implement the ability to select from different regions of material both manually, and  through involuntary progression by random scripting within the DVD. Thereby constructing a navigable database, in which the viewer will have multiple routes to explore the boundaries of the work.

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