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I samarbejde med SPOR inviterer TEKNE til workshop med den franske trio Sensors_Sonics_Sights.

S_S_S skaber lyd og billeder via nye og gamle sensorbaserede instrumenter, og på workshoppen vil de tre medlemmer Atau Tanaka, Laurent Dailleau og Cecile Babiole præsentere deres instrumenter. Atau Tanaka medbringer sin opfindelse BioMuse, et biosignal-baseret musikinstrument, og lægger op til en diskussion om hvordan nye instrumenter og nye infrastrukturer påvirker de kunstneriske processer. Laurent Daileau tager udgangspunkt i historiske gestikbaserede instrumenter, og demonstrerer instrumentet Theraminen. Cecile Babiole introducerer teknikker inden for video tracking og diskuterer anvendelse af 3D programmering i real-time, herunder programmeringsmiljøer som Jitter.

Arrangører: SPOR og TEKNE
Dato: 11. maj,  Kl. 13.00 – 17.00
Sted: Officersalen, Kulturhus Århus, Vester Allé 3, 8000 Århus C
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Cécile Babiole (born 1956)
web site: http://www.babiole.net

After being a video maker and 3 D animation designer and director, Cécile Babiole turned to the creation of dynamic environments and live treatment of sounds and images.
Her last  installations et performances (SCRIBBLING WAVES, THE WAY YOU WALK, CIRCULEZ YA RIEN A VOIR, REALITY DUB, EYEPOD ...) ironically combine high and low technologies and are usually related to the link between  on-and off-line perceptions.
Either in public space (in the street, in buses) or private space (galleries or concert venues), her work is humorous and inventive at the same time, an ironical glance into technology  and behaviour codes.
Her work was rewarded by several awards: Imagina, Images du futur, Ars Electronica, Festival de l'Audiovisuel Museographique, The Locarno Festival, SCAM Prize, Villa Medicis Hors les Murs Grant, Transmediale Festival  Berlin.

Laurent Dailleau (born 1959)
Trained as a classical organ player, he started playing theremin in the nineties. Performing on a theremin/laptop computer system, he works with composers interested by the instrument (Kasper T. Toeplitz, Christophe Havel, Atau Tanaka, Todor Todoroff, Stevie Wishart, Francis Faber, Riccardo Nova…). He has composed several musics for the theater, and worked with french choreographer Michel Schweizer in the late eighties. Two of his works were commissionned by the french ministry of culture (the most recent being a piece for orchestra premiered in 2000). He often performs solo, and works on a regular basis with other performers (his latest project being S.S.S with Cécile Babiole (video/sensors) and Atau Tanaka (BioMuse, computer)). He recorded several cds in the last few years, among them his first solo album, « supersternal notch » (Sonoris, 2001). In 2003, as guest curator, he organized « 33 RPM/ Ten Hours of Sound from France » at the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art).

Atau Tanaka (born 1963)

Atau Tanaka was born in Tokyo, and was raised in the U.S. He came up in Silicon Valley in the 90's making music from virtual reality technology. He moved to Paris in 1992 and played music festivals like Sonar, Musique Action and 38eme Rugissants, and media arts festivals DEAF, and Ars Electronica. He founded Sensorband with Zbigniew Karkowski and Edwin van der Heide, mythic for their physical performances and monumental instruments. In 1997 he moved to Japan for a project at NTT/ICC and came in contact with the Tokyo noise music scene, playing with Merzbow, Otomo, and others. Back in France since 2001, he has realized large scale installations and network pieces including a commission from the German radio SWR. He creates a digital music in real time through bodily gestures of the performer and time perturbations of the network. He has received prizes and support from the GMD, the Fraunhofer Society, and the Daniel Langlois Foundation. He currently resides in Paris and conducts research at Sony Computer Science Laboratories.

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