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Aarhus Universitet, Alexandra Instituttet A/S og TEKNE præsenterer:

Janine Randerson (New Zealand)
- forelæsning om kunst og teknologi

Ny dato: Tirsdag d. 16. september kl. 14 – 16, Alexandra Instituttet A/S, Åbogade 34, 8200 Århus N, lokale Ada-333. Fri adgang.

How can media artists address the current ecological challenges, both in the content of their work - and materially, with energy saving technologies and sustainable practices? New Zealand artist Janine Randerson will speak about her current art residency with environmental scientists at NERI (National Environmental research Institute) in Roskilde. NERI scientists study the ways animal behaviour and ultimately their survival may be effected by climate change. Together with the scientists, Randerson will work with satellite and acoustical data produced by d-tagged harbour animals. The forms of data visualisation produced by environmental scientists can be re-interpreted, expanded and subverted in art practice to understand their affective potential. Artists and computer scientists often share an interest in encouraging audience participation and interaction through sensory means. The artist will discuss her own work and other Antipodean artists who combine digital media with ecological subject matter and sensory modes of communication.

While in Denmark, Randerson is also researching energy efficient technologies (computers, projectors, audio systems) to use in media art installations. The results of this research will culminate in the exhibition IMPACT ’09 which coincides with the UN convention of Climate Change in Copenhagen. She will close with her preliminary findings and invite further discussion on this topic.

Forelæsningen finder sted hos Alexandra Instituttet A/S, lokale Ada-333 og alle er velkomne.

Bio - Janine Randerson (b. 1974)
Melbourne based, New Zealand artist working in the field of digital art and science, with a particular interest in weather and climate science research. Randerson has employed a range of time-based media, including 16mm film, digital audio and video and computer programmed interaction design in the creation of her pieces. Her art practice includes both site-specific work and single channel video. A recurrent theme in her work is the play with systems of observation; from the microcosmic imagery to the remote view of satellite imaging. In 2006 she collaborated with meteorologists as the digital artist in residence at the University of Waikato.

She is a guest editor of a special issue of MIT’s Leonardo Journal, board member of Aotearoa Digital Arts network, and a member of Synapse, the art-science collaboration network, Australia. Janine holds a Master of Fine Arts, RMIT University, Melbourne (2001) and is currently postgraduate researcher at Melbourne University. In 2008, as a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, she is researching historical observation practices at the Melbourne Museum and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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