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Through the looking glass: science changing art
Science has provided a vast source of inspiration and enquiry for new media artists who engage with complex scientific subjects such as artificial intelligence, molecular biology, evolution, the changes in the environment to name just a few, in order to explore the increasingly interdependent relationship between humans and machines. Sophisticated technologies combined with artistic methodologies are often utilized as legitimate tools that can aid scientific research. What brings and keeps the two together?

The lecture ‘Through the looking glass’ will zoom into the profound changes technology has had on how art/science teams interpret and represent our information-rich and scientifically mediated world. Many of these diverse and varied types of collaborations are made possible not only through technology's effectiveness, but also, and perhaps more importantly, through the willingness of each party to explore converging possibilties.

The presentation will have an Australian perspective on the topic in areas such as:
• bodies exploring difference spaces
• science visualisation
• hart/soft/wet: other forms of life
• future nature v. natural future
• art/science activism

Antoanetta Ivanova will conclude with observations on artists working as researchers and the challenges, opportunities and benefits associated with art/science collaborations.

Mandag d. 28. januar 2008
kl. 10.30 - 12.00

Det lille auditorium
INCUBA Science Park - Katrinebjerg
Åbogade 15, 8200 Århus N.

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